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Building The Perfect Grow Box

Building The Perfect Grow Box

Some time back, I decided I wanted a grow box for my small apartment. As I love my toys, the geekier, the better.

On a practical level, these are the main traits I were looking for:

  • silent
  • small
  • odourless (no manure smell allover the house)
  • had to blend in with rest of the room
  • can take care of itself when I'm away for work

I did a lot of research online, and the current solutions were:

  • too noisy
  • too smelly
  • too big
  • too heavy
  • too expensive
  • low quality

What pissed me off the most was finding an insane amount of products with shitty components sold with obscene markups.

Having a solution that blends in with the rest of the room was a key thing, as it's 2016 and you can't seriously tell me that a tent is the nicest solution for my living room.

Most grow solutions assume that you have a room that you can use just for that, but, for most people living in European capitals, that is not the case. 



Armed with stubbornness, I teamed up with a some geeky friends, and the Kivi project started. 

We wanted something that could blend in with what's already in our homes, that consumed little, and operated silently so you couldn't hear it. Also, as we use smelly natural fertilisers, we added an incredibly efficient air filtration system, allowing you to cover the strongest of smells, like natural manure (how very hipster :D).


We just started by looking at what was in the room. A small furnished room with very little space, definitely no space to start growing some plants. So we started to hack the furniture.

We had an Ikea Kallax bookcase, so tried to create a tiny grow box that could fit in there. 


As of July 2016, we now know that it is possible to grow in such a tiny space with acceptable outputs, hence, we will try to transform this into an actual product. 

This is what the first prototype looked like


We will start writing regular updates here so you can see how the product develops and you can find out when it will be available.

We will be developing a small batch of Beta Kits, for those who want to jump onboard already now and help us with some feedback.

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