Kivi Grow Labs

Is This For me?

Sometimes people just over engineer things. Nobody needs a new Juicero.

We are building this.


We've been wanting something to grow food at home for some years, and have owned a stupid amount of products on the market. Overall feeling: meh. 

We are slowly releasing kits for purchase. These first kits are meant for those who don't mind some simple assembly work. 
These kits help us finance our initial phases so you are essentially funding our development. 

If you want to buy a finished product, sign up for our crowdfunding campaign here. 

If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, pease fire away. We are very grateful for any help :)

If you further want to help out, you could become a Patron (on Patreon) or become an evangelist with our merch (merch link).

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